why is automobile safety glass important

Why is safety glass in automobiles important?

Imagine, you are driving down the highway in you car, only, you have no windshield, side, or rear window glass. The sun is shining, the wind is in your hair… It’s like driving with the top down except… now the wind is blowing dirt in your eyes and stray rocks are hitting you in the head and, ew gross! was that a bug that just went splat on your arm?

Even worse to imagine, what would happen if you were in a collision?

What would protect you from the debris from the other vehicle?

What would stop you from being ejected from the car?

Not only does windshield glass in your car keep you comfortable, it keeps you safe.

The strength of windshield glass increases the structural integrity of your car should you be in an accident where your car rolls. It is important not only to have windows in your car but also be sure to have them properly maintained and cared for.

When your windows are damaged, even slightly, your safety is put at risk. Be sure to take action immediately when you notice flaws in the glass of your windshield.

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