what is windshield repair

What is Windshield repair? ​

​Windshield repair can be performed for windshield damage not requiring immediate replacement.Windshield repair is an inexpensive alternative to replacing your windshield that will keep chips and cracks from spreading, keeping you and your passengers protected and safe. While a small ding in your windshield may not at first seem worthy of repair, remember these cracks will always spread! Any moisture that sneaks into a damaged windshield can delaminate the glass causing blemishes in your windshield. When water freezes in a chipped windshield this can also cause the damage to worsen into a larger flaw or even create a crack in your windshield. Be safe and have your window or windshield inspected and repaired by one of our trusted glass specialist. Come see us for your mobile glass service today!

You may only need a repair, and not a full replacement, if:

  • You have less than a handful of chips in your windshield
  • You have a crack in your windshield smaller that 6 inches (or if it can fit under a dollar bill)
  • If the damage is not on the edge of the windshield
  • If the damage is not blocking your line of sight

In the case of damage exceeding the above qualifications, it is likely that you should consider having your windshield completely replaced.

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