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Dark tinted windows on the passenger side

Benefits to Tinting Your Car Windows

Many people believe that window tinting is just for looks, but there are many other functions for tinting your car windows. 2U provides window tinting for every vehicle.

Listed below are reasons you should tint your windows:


In Arizona by tinting your front two windows you can block out 67% of the suns harmful UV rays. On all other windows you can block out 100%. This will help keep your car cool can the use of your ac down.


A tinted window is much harder to break into as it is now more durable and is also held together when cracked or hit with an object. Make sure to ask for a security tint.


By tinting your windows this will added more structural integrity to your windows when they are broken or damaged by holding the glass together.

Did You know?

  • The windshield in your car, SUV, or truck has been designed to protect you and your passengers in the event of a crash. No longer is your windshield a basic “wind blocker”. It now provides an immense amount of strength to your roof to keep it from caving in on you during a rollover, as well as to insure proper airbag deployment?
  • 65% of your structural integrity in a rollover accident comes from your windshield
  • Your windshield is a federally-mandated piece of safety equipment
  • Your windows should never be replaced outdoors in temperatures under 40º. AZ is a perfect place for mobile replacement​
  • Your windshield is part of your safety restraint system.

2 thoughts on “Benefits to Tinting Your Car Windows”

  1. I appreciate how you highlighted how your car, SUV, or truck’s windshield has been built to safeguard you and your passengers in the case of a collision. Your windshield no longer serves as a simple “wind blocker”. It now gives your roof a tremendous amount of strength to prevent it from collapsing on you during a rollover. In light of this, I will make sure to employ a specialist that can change our glass windows. Last Thursday while playing in the yard, my son and niece unintentionally struck them with a ball, which resulted in several breaks in the glass. The cracks shouldn’t endanger our safety when we are driving.

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