Month: March 2019

​What are the different types of Auto Glass?

Mobile glass, that is, the glass used for automobiles, comes in two forms of safety glass. While these forms of glass may look no different than normal glass they are crafted specifically to endure immense wear and tear. Automobile Glass is shatter-proof, designed specifically with your safety in mind! Laminated Glass – This glass is …

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car glass vs regular glass

​What makes car glass different from regular glass?

Auto Glass is a shatter proof laminated glass or tempered glass used to protect passengers from dirt, debris and winds in automotive vehicles. Laminate glass was invented in 1903 on accident by the French chemist Édouard Bénédictus when he dropped a glass flask filled with a dried collodion film. The glass cracked but did not …

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what is windshield repair

What is Windshield repair? ​

​Windshield repair can be performed for windshield damage not requiring immediate replacement.Windshield repair is an inexpensive alternative to replacing your windshield that will keep chips and cracks from spreading, keeping you and your passengers protected and safe. While a small ding in your windshield may not at first seem worthy of repair, remember these cracks …

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